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What makes us unique is that we are a tent rental company as well as an equipment supply house. This gives us the ability to provide our customers with both soft goods and hard goods such as:

  • Temporary power
  • Temporary heat
  • Staging and lighting
  • Material handlers
  • Fencing/crowd control
  • Signage/scaffolding

For 72 years we’ve been providing goods and services for events all over the State of Michigan, like the Arts, Eats & Beats festival in Oakland County with ten stages and hundreds of thousands of visitors. Let us share our years of experience in tending to all the details for your next event. We take the pressure off event coordinators with our ability to anticipate and prepare for issues. Crowds are overflowing? We brought extra fencing. Don’t have power where you need it? We have extra temporary power on
hand. We provide exhibit and event solutions before and during events that make our event coordinators look like rock stars.

Event Planning Without the Problems

Planning a large celebration can be challenging, because there are so many details that you need to tend to. There are many ways to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, but one thing is certain. Rental City makes event planning easier.

Few people host large gatherings on a regular basis, so it’s not surprising that you don’t have enough tables, chairs or place settings for everyone. But, when you use these items so infrequently, it doesn’t make sense to buy them, so make the decision to rent.

Fortunately, it’s possible to rent just about everything you could possibly need for a small gathering to a large-scale celebration. We carry all of the party necessities – from food service items to trendy décor and niche items to make your event stand out.

Save Money on Your Event

Saving money is also important when you’re planning a big event and renting helps you stay within your budget, yet not look like you’ve skimped on the details. Add fun elements to give guests a delightful surprise and leave a lasting impression. Consider renting a popcorn machine, elegant lighting or fun games for kids. These items, and more, can be found at Rental City.

Our rental experts can also help you in your planning process. Often times, they’ll think of things that may not have crossed your mind. And, they can recommend the right products to give your special event your signature touch.

So if you’re looking for a solution to ensure your event goes seamless and gives the image you desire, call Rental City.

  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Supercooler
  • Wicker Wedding Podium
  • Privacy Wall
  • Money Machine
  • Hot Dog Machine
  • Fencing, White Vinyl
  • Columns, Plastic
  • Salad Bar, Portable

Dancing serves as a key component at many events from corporate parties to festivals to wedding receptions. Depending upon the selected venue of the event, though, a dance floor may not be readily available. Portable dance floors solve this problem. You do not need to limit dance floors to just dancing either. For example, you can use them to cover an entire tent floor to create a more upscale effect. Look at all that renting a dance floor can offer.

  • Portable. Since small panel sections lock together to make up a portable dance floor, you can create dance floors of varying sizes just about anywhere. The panels come in different sizes, such as 1-, 3- or 4-foot squares. Typically, the smaller the panel, the more time and labor it takes to install it.
  • Easy installation. Trained rental store professionals generally transport, set up and later tear down rented portable dance flooring to ensure proper installation.


When the time comes to rent a portable dance floor, plenty of options are available. The following material describes some of dance floor items available. So many possibilities exist that it makes it easy to find the ideal dance floor for your event.

Wood dance floor. Renting a wood dance floor is a classic choice for inside events. However, you also can use them temporarily in a covered location outside if you install a subfloor first. Wood dance floors come in a variety of woods.

Vinyl dance floor. For more design options, you may want to rent a vinyl dance floor. Popular choices of vinyl dance floors to rent include all white, all black or a black-and-white checkerboard pattern.

Polypropylene dance floor. This portable dance floor option weathers all types of outside conditions well, especially if it has channels underneath of it to allow for drainage. The surface of this type of rental flooring varies, but includes simulated wood and real wood laminate finishes.

Dance floor pole sections. Designed to fit around tent poles, these dance floor sections allow the creation of a seamless floor free of left out sections that could cause an injury. brown, gold, silver and wood grain.

Dance floor graphics. You can customize rented dance floors by overlaying them with graphics, such as a company logo or a picture of the bride and groom. Another possible option is to place the graphic under a removable acrylic cover.

  • White Resin Festival Chairs
  • Folding Straight Leg Green Chairs
  • Wooden White Padded Chairs
  • Folding Chairs
  • High Chairs
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Fill and Chill Tables

Food often makes the party or event, but the behind-the-scenes grill, which does all of the work, usually serves as the unsung hero. Whether you want to cook out for a small backyard party or for a citywide event, we have grills to meet your needs.

Balloons filled with lighter-than-air helium stay afloat, never failing to mesmerize onlookers. Renting a helium tank provides an economical way for you to bring the joy of helium balloons to your next event. Here are some of the advantages of renting a helium tank to fill balloons yourself.

  • Fits all occasions. No matter what occasion you celebrate, helium-filled balloons can add a special element to it. People often rent helium tanks to fill balloons for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, wedding or anniversary receptions, baby showers, school dances, church gatherings, corporate events including grand openings and other occasions.
  • Decorative. Nothing says, “Let’s celebrate,” more than decorative balloons inflated using rented helium tanks. You can use balloons to create centerpieces, bouquets, arches and sculptures. Since balloons come in all shapes and patterns, they also can help carry a theme. For example, use “Smiley face” balloons for a 70’s party, jukebox balloons for a 50’s party or balloons shaped like baby bottles for a baby shower. Only your imagination limits the possibilities of decorating with balloons.
  • Safe. Helium is a non-explosive, non-toxic and inert gas. When handled properly, rental helium tanks, although pressurized, can fill balloons safely.
  • Easy. Many rental helium tanks today contain features that make them easy to operate. You also can transport small and light helium tanks easily, especially those that offer carrying handles. Some rental stores offer delivery of larger helium tanks.
  • Economical. When you need numerous helium-filled balloons, renting a helium tank to fill the balloons yourself can cost less than buying balloons pre-filled with helium. In addition, if you do not need helium on a regular basis, renting a refillable helium tank instead of buying a disposable one can save you the trouble of storing and disposing of the disposable tank. Disposable tanks also tend to be smaller than rental ones, so cannot fill as many balloons.
  • Profitable. You can rent a helium tank for filling balloons to sell for profit at a fundraising event, such as a carnival or festival.

Turn an ordinary party into an extraordinary event to remember by renting an inflatable unit. Here are some reasons for renting inflatable units.

Versatile. Inflatable units provide entertainment at a number events including:

  • Birthday parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Community gatherings
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • Family reunions
  • Grand openings
  • Company picnics
  • Corporate team-building weekends
  • School events
  • Church activities


Affordable. Instead of paying each child’s admission to an entertainment center, you can rent an inflatable unit to entertain an unlimited number of kids for a flat fee.

Hassle free. We can set up and take down inflatable units for you for your convenience.

Fundraising. Renting an inflatable unit can help you raise funds for your cause while providing great fun.

You can use rented portable flooring as tent flooring or temporary flooring for your wedding. Here are only a few of the reasons to rent a portable floor.

  • Attractive. Renting portable flooring gives everything from a tent to an exhibit booth a little something extra.
  • Preserves turf. Whether the event takes place in a tent in the backyard or at a stadium, no one wants the ground destroyed. Portable flooring with a light footprint supports the weight of all your guests and special-event equipment, while protecting turf from damage.
  • Clean. Unfortunately, we still cannot predict all changes in the weather. If Mother Nature decides to rain down on your tented event, rented portable flooring can help keep your guests’ fine clothing free of grass and mud stains.
  • Easy to install. Our trained professionals can transport, set up and later tear down portable flooring installations to ensure proper installation.
  • Safe. Portable flooring rentals help keep guests safer by reducing slips and falls.


Portable flooring tiles. Create the color-coordinated look that you want for your event by renting vinyl flooring tiles available in a variety of colors.

Carpeted portable flooring. You easily can achieve a carpeted area at your event by renting carpeted portable flooring that comes in interlocking panels.

Portable floor mats and decking. Durable, interlocking, floor mat and decking panels provide an ideal surface for temporary walkways, roadways, parking lots and outside smoking areas at your event. You also can rent this portable flooring to protect turf in a stadium from foot-traffic damage at events, such as a concert or graduation. You even can use them as flooring for tent floors and stages. Portable floor mats and decking come in a variety of styles and colors. Some mats and decking have raised areas on them to offer extra traction, while others have slats for drainage and ventilation. Portable flooring is also available in a rollout for quick and easy installation.

Artificial turf flooring. Rent this temporary flooring option to bring the look of grass indoors or outdoors. This resilient flooring choice comes in many colors.

Dance floors. Beautiful portable dance floors for rent also can function as temporary flooring in many places, including an entire tent floor.

Portable flooring pole sections. Rental flooring pole sections fit snugly around a tent pole to prevent any injuries that can occur from left out floor sections.

Plywood or plastic subfloor. Renting this flooring option opens up design possibilities because you can mix the types of surfaces used on top of it. For example, you may want a dance floor in one area, but carpeting in a banquet area. A subfloor lets you transition between the two surfaces seamlessly. Plywood subfloors also allow you to put flooring wherever you need it, even on an uneven, grassy surface.

You can use rental stages for performances or for elevating portable flooring. They can enhance a variety of events from concerts to corporate meetings to weddings. Rental stages offer these advantages.

  • Focal point. Renting portable staging helps focus the attention of your guests where you want it, whether that is on performers, a speaker, a fashion show or a wedding reception head table.
  • Portability. Rental staging makes it possible to assemble a stage at nearly any event venue since stage configurations of all sizes are comprised of smaller, interlocking panels, which are stored on carts for mobility. Other mobile stages are self-contained trailers that unfold to create a stage with a back, sides and a roof. Either way, portability characterizes them.
  • Easy installation. Trained rental store professionals transport, set up and later tear down staging to ensure proper installation.

We will help you find the perfect solution for your staging needs, such as the best stages for outdoor or indoor settings, different stage load ratings, proper bracing requirements, stage components needed for various configurations and local code regulations pertaining to stages. Here are some of the staging products available for rent.

  • Performance stage. Rent stages for concerts and other live entertainment. Stages with adjustable legs make set up on uneven terrain easier. They also allow you to adjust their height. In addition, some stages permit a multi-tiered configuration.
  • Meeting room stages. Rent this stage option to create an elevated platform for speakers at meetings. These stages commonly allow you to adjust their height within a specified range. Some meeting room stages also have wheels for mobility.
  • Stage decks. You may rent stage decks separately or as part of a system, which includes a frame as well. Popular sizes of rectangular stage decks include 3 by 6 feet, 3 by 8 feet, 4 by 6 feet and 4 by 8 feet. Stage decks also come in pie shapes. You can connect the stage decks end-to-end or side-to-side to create a number of configurations, such as a large stage for a drama or a runway for a fashion show.
  • Bracing. Some rental stage systems include bracing. If not, make sure to rent the appropriate bracing for a stage to provide necessary stability and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Multi-tiered risers. This rental stage option works well for choir or band performances. They commonly include either three or four steps. You can configure risers in a number of patterns from a rectangle to a horseshoe. Some riser units have side and back rails attached to them.
  • Mobile stages. Some rental stages come as self-contained trailers that unfold to create a stage with a back, sides and sometimes a roof. You can pull these stages using a pickup truck. Stage extensions allow the creation of a larger stage.
  • Stairs and handrails. Renting stairs and handrails for stages, helps provide safe access to the stage — a must for stages above 32 inches.
  • Stage ramp. A rental ramp makes the stage accessible to the handicapped. It also makes it easier to locate needed mobile equipment on the stage.
  • Guardrails and covers. Renting guardrails for a stage’s back and sides makes it safer, especially for stages 32 inches high or above. For a more finished look, you also can rent covers — available in many colors — for the guardrails.
  • Stage backdrop draperies. These mobile drapery units hide what takes place behind the performers on the stage, so that the audience can focus on what is happening on the stage. The color and fabric of the draperies vary.
  • Stage skirting. Rent stage skirting to hide the support system below the stage and create a more ascetically appealing finish. Either clips or Velcro strips allow the skirts, which come in a variety of colors and fabrics, to attach to the stage.
  • Crowd-control barriers. Renting crowd-control barriers helps keep the crowds away from the performers on the stage.


  • Projection Screen
  • Overhead Projector
  • Mic Wireless with amp
  • Podium with Microphone
  • Live Venue Sound Systems
  • Concert Venue Lighting
  • Wedding Up Lighting