“I have used Rental City many times and have been very pleased each and every time.  Whether we were renting nail guns and construction tools for adding on rooms in our basement, or a machine to dig post holes in our yard to put up a new fence…Rental City not only had everything we would need, but they also gave us advice on what to watch for to avoid some major issues.  We are looking forward to getting our tent, table & chairs from Rental City for our son’s graduation this summer.  They’re simply the best!” – D. Androl

“I have rented different tools that we needed for around my house from Rental City for over 10 years now. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to rent items. Rental City has everything imaginable for rent. They are very professional and can answer all of your questions.” – L. Brown

“I have rented many items from rental city over the years: Yard and garden equipment, home improvement equipment, etc.  I am always greeted by a friendly staff who takes time to make sure that I am familiar with how to operate the equipment that I am renting from them.  Their rates are reasonable, and the equipment is maintained and does not break down while I am using it.  Our most impressive experience with Rental City came when we hired them to set-up a tent, tables and chairs for our son’s graduation party.  They did an excellent job, and provided top quality service.  Thanks again!  And we will definitely be using Rental City for our daughter’s graduation party in a few more years.” – P. Wellman

“We have rented a posthole digger, a concrete cutting saw, a concrete hole saw bit and a jack hammer. We can call him the day we need the tool and he always has it ready for us to pick up that same day.  Marlo Build & Remodel recommends Tom with Rental City because he has been very reliable all of the times we have called him and always has what we need.” – M.Booker